About Me

My name is Lori and I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys. Owen is 14 and Aaron is 8.


 Aaron has Down syndrome and is very sensory seeking. His OT suggested that he may benefit from a weighted blanket and showed me a sample that was very unattractive. Upon noticing my grimace, she said I should try to make my own. Knowing that I always make my kids Halloween costume, she knew I had the ability to do so.  

Off I went to the fabric store and purchased a cute flannel and soft minky material to make a blanket.  It turned out so nice that the OT ordered some for herself.  

Originally my goal was to raise enough money to replace my iPad I had broken but after that goal was met, I just kept going.  Soon other therapists, schools and stores were ordering on a regular basis.  

I began a Facebook page in January 2013, opened an etsy store sometime in 2014 and now have a fully functional website with shopping cart to order from.

I am a fabric junkie (as you can see from my large selection of available choices). I love making them and LOVE and appreciate the positive feedback I receive from so many customers.  

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to benefit your child or special someone with one of my creations.