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New Deal of the Week Fabric

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It's been quite some time since I made a new journal entry.  

Some of you may have noticed that this past Sunday I started a "Deal of the Week".  Basically I picked a fabric that I like, have lots of and want to sell.  The quantity is limited and can run out prior to the end of the week.  So if you like it, consider buying it or run the risk of missing out on the deal.  Anyways, it hasn't been successfull.  Yes, its new, yes, I like instant gratification, but... I'm curious and opening up discussion to you as my customers.  Do I need to have 3 designs available each week...(boy, girl, gender neutral)?  Does it just need more time?  Is it being noticed on my page?  I'm not going to be pulling it yet by any means, just looking for some feedback on ways to make it better for you the customer. 

Let me know your thoughts please.  

Thanks so much in advance for any and all feedback and your continued support throughout my journey of my business.  I still get the overwhelming thrill when I see/hear how it's helping people across the states. 

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from any or all of you.

The best gift you can give to me is a referral and thanks to so many of you that extend them and share my page within your facebook groups.


Lori, Dave, Owen and Aaron

Here is a recent shot of the whole fan damily at Aaron's favorite restaurant - Kyoto.  He loves his Japanese cooking show.  Mimics right along with the cook using his own chopsticks and inhales his hibachi shrimp and a ton of my filet mignon.  (the kid has a great palate, what can I say)

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Hwblankets is store name on Etsy

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