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Jean M.
Hey there!
I just wanted to tell you how much my son is enjoying his weighted blanket. 
Nathan is 11 and is in the autism spectrum. He hasn't slept in his own bed for months. We had a hard time falling asleep at night and wakes up often after he does fall asleep. He is also always awake by 6 am. Recently he has taken to sleeping on the floor of my room. His room is upstairs and he gets scared waking up and being alone. Last night was his first night with his weighted blanket. Not only did he fall asleep quickly, he stayed asleep all night long! We had to wake him up at 9 Am! My child got a full 12 hours of sleep last night!! That is amazing! Our new issue is going to be getting him to leave the blanket at home. 
Thank you so very much! He is an avid minecraft fan and the blanket fits in with his minecraft themed room perfectly! Words cannot express what a lifesaver this blanket is.

Renee W.

Hi, I recived my blanket and slept with it on my back last night. I can not come up with enough words to say thank you. The weight was perfect, the fact that it did not have rocks perfect, the blanket did not hurt it was great. I also have fibro, which is why I was so specific about what it would be weighted with. Your products are fibro friendly. I plan to save up for a larger blanket. 


Mimi P.

Thanks so much for the lap pad. It arrived today and is beautiful. I can't wait to take it in to school tomorrow and try it with the kids!


Charlotte W.

 Blankets have arrived, yay! Im very pleased with them, Thank you! They are exceptionally well made and extremely soft. My little man loves them!! Ill post some pics a little later after his bath.


Stacy C.

I love my weighted lap pad! It is beautiful and so soft!! I used it in therapy this am  thank you again!


Teresa K.

 Thank you for the fast service. Molly loves her blanket. She hasn't been sleeping very good so I'm excited to see how it goes tonight. She already feels like it is a good stress reliever. So Happy THANKS!


Bradandjj Roberson (February 23, 2013)

It is now 8:32 am. Amaya is still sleeping. Last night was the first night with her weighted blanket. This NEVER happens. I repeat, never. I even opened her squeaky door to check on her and she didnt wake up. I think her large weighted blanket is the best thing ever!!!! Thank you!!!!


Erin Harlan (Febrary 18, 2013)

 It's doing great for her! Sleeping through the night! Thank you!


Vicky Gothman (January 31, 2013)

My kids slept through the night, in their own beds, with their new "Handmade Weighted Blankets"......and this Mama is thrilled. :) Thank you! I spent yesterday with the littles wrapped in their blankets on my lap as much as I could. Today Isaiah took one of his old blankets and put it on the dog's bed and told me that he didn't need that one anymore because he had his new one now. 


Kim Moss Anthony (January 26, 2013)

Ray has shown everyone his blanket and how it works (even people on Skype)! One night I'll take a picture of him sleeping with it on top of him. Tonight he was really excited. I put the blanket over him and I honestly saw him relax and then he fell asleep! This mama loves it!! Thank you!